Wine Vacuum Pumps Stainless Steel Wine Saver

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Wine Vacuum Pumps Stainless Steel Wine Saver Used for Wine Storage, the Wine Pumps IS used for removing air and Vacuum Wine Storage

  • Wine pump: The wine pump removes air from the wine bottle and the caps seal the bottle. Provides airtight and watertight seal Keeps wine fresh after opening for up to 10 days.
  • Easy to use: first disassemble the wine cap, clean it and insert it into the bottle, put the vacuum pump on the wine stopper and press it slightly, pump up and down, and pump the air into the bottle.”
  • Wine Aerator & Pourer: Large aeration chamber and air intake system help to infuse an optimal amount of oxygen into the wine. Instantly improves the taste of wine. Ergonomically designed for drip free pouring.
  • Safe and Durable: Made of 100% safe and non-toxic materials. Highly durable to tolerate regular and prolonged use. Reusable and easy to clean under running water. Fits any standard size red and white wine bottle.

The wine must breathe; a red wine that has been able to breathe will be better.

When the wine breathes, it opens and releases its aromas and all its flavor.

However, decanting may take a long time and can be tedious and inconvenient.

The design of the Magic Decanter speeds up the process by making it simpler and more efficient.

The perfect aeration can be achieved simply by pouring the wine into a glass; you will get A TASTE OF QUALITY WITHOUT PATIENTING!

Simply hold the Magic Decanter over a glass and pour your wine.

Once the wine has penetrated into the Magic Decanter, the latter brings it a precise amount of air; the wine can breathe instantly.

Simply hold the Magic Decanter over a glass and pour your wine.

You will notice an improvement in the bouquet of your wine, a better aroma, as well as a more flavorful finish.